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Specifications NEW!

Specifications NEW!

CATS-1000 & 2000 Brochure
"CATS" = Test, Measure, & Control Solutions

Fastek Soft-Controller for DO-178B Software Verification and Validation

LTS-1000 Lighting Tester and High Speed Data Logging System

Programmable RF Attenuator

RFA-1000 Digital Attenuators

Fastek introduces a line of high-power, digitally-controlled RF attenuators. Multiple attenuators can be cost effectively controlled by one PXI driver.

One of the many benefites is that complete calibration of RF paths can be measured for integration within the test station and LabVIEW control.

PXI maximizes the integration and synchonization of various Test/Measurement components including Signal Generators, Analyzers, and RF Switches.

Instrument Driver Sofware and Soft Front Panel are included (multi-processor & multi-OS support). Optional FPGA Control provides Dynamic Attenuation Profiling.

Sample Technical Specifications

Characteristic VHF/UHF UHF/L-Band (GPS) UHF/L-Band (GPS)
Frequency Range (MHz) 20- 1000 MHz 400-2200 MHz 800 -2200 MHz
Attenuation Range/Step Size 0-127 dB I 1 dB 0-63.5 dB/ 0.5 dB 0-127 dB I 1 dB
Attenuation Accuracy /Range 0.2 dB; 20-500 MHz
0.4 dB; 500-1000 MHz
0.25 dB; 0-15.5 dB
0.35 dB; 16-63.5 dB
0.3 dB
Impedance 50 Ohms 50 Ohms 50 Ohms
VSWR 1.4 : 1 1.5:1 1.4:1
Insertion Loss 3 dB Nominal
4 dB Maximum
4 dB Maximum 5.2 dB Maximum
3.1 dB typ.: 800 MHz
4.8 dB typ.: 2200 MHz
RF Input Power + 10 dBm +20 dBm Operation
+30 dBm No Damage
+20 dBm Operating +24 dBm (1 dB compr.)
Switching Speed 5 us 2 us 5 us

Fastek's design leverages the open PXI platform to achieve the bandwidth and sampling speeds required for the most demanding applications.

Product Differentiators

  • Available up to 6 GHz
  • Fast Switching Speed - High Power
  • Customizable PXI Form Factor
  • Controllable from LabVIEW and TestStand
  • Automated Testing using TestStand
  • Available in 1/10, J{, Yi and 1 dB steps
  • Synchronous and triggerable control
  • Expandable to 4 (127dB Step) Attenuators per 010
  • Single Control of Ganged Attenuator Operation to Double Dynamic Range
  • Targeted for GPS, Radar, TCAS, RF development and production test
  • Soft panels integrate seamlessly into LabVIEW coding environment

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