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Specifications NEW!

CATS-1000 & 2000 Brochure
"CATS" = Test, Measure, & Control Solutions

Fastek Soft-Controller for DO-178B Software Verification and Validation

LTS-1000 Lighting Tester and High Speed Data Logging System

Programmable RF Attenuator

CATS Overview

CATS Benefits | CATS Architecture | CATS Product Line

Fastek's Configurable Automated Test System (CATS) line of preconfigured, pre-engineered, modular testing systems that offer advanced test, measurement, and control solutions in standardized "off-the-shelf" configurable packages. Most projects utilizing pre-engineered products will require no custom Fastek project engineering services.

Which industries can benefit from a CATS?

  • The CATS is designed specifically to address Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Medical, and Avionics depot and MRO test applications.
  • Any customer that needs a test solution ready to go in WEEKS (not MONTHS).

What hardware platform do the CATS operate on?

  • National Instruments (NI) cDaq, cRIO, or PXi

Test System Interfaces

Each Fastek CATS interface employs a configurable design that allows customization of the system using some of the platform's standard connector options (sample connectors shown), without incurring the cost and design time typically associated with a customized functional test system.

Connectors can be configured for power, signal or coaxial connections - providing the user with wide range of supporting options.

Choosing The Right CATS System

CATS Benefits

A CATS investment can be utilized through the entire life cycle of your product, AND the software is already written for you!!

  • Single hardware/software platform that can be used over entire product life cycle
  • Common test equipment between engineering, production, and field

  • Significant savings in capital investment
  • Off-the-shelf software modules that run on all CATS platforms
  • Ease of training, storage of data with worldwide access

CATS = "Save Time and Money"

CATS Architecture

  • National Instruments (NI) COTS hardware/software based test platforms
  • NI LabViIEW based graphical user interface
  • NI TestStand based test sequencing
  • Accommodates third party hardware and software
  • Compatible with NI and Third Party Simulation and Data Collection and Post Processing Capabilities

CATS Product Line


  • NI cRIO (Compact Rugged Input/Output) Based Platform
  • Tabletop or 19” Rack Mounted Configuration


  • NI cRIO/cDAQ Platform with Expansion Chassis
  • Tabletop or 19” Rack Mounted Configuration


  • NI PXI Based Platform
  • 19” Rack Configuration


  • NI PXI Platform Supplemented with cRIO or cDAQ
  • 19” Rack Configuration

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