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Specifications NEW!

CATS-1000 & 2000 Brochure
"CATS" = Test, Measure, & Control Solutions

Fastek Soft-Controller for DO-178B Software Verification and Validation

LTS-1000 Lighting Tester and High Speed Data Logging System

Programmable RF Attenuator


"Configurable Automated Test System"

Standard Delivery= 50 Days ARO

Price........... $148,500

  • Users Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty on Hardware
  • 90 Day Warranty on Software
  • On Site Installation & Training

   Dimensions: 42.31"H x 23.0"W x 36"D

CATS-2000 HW Description:

(1) 22-pin BNC-2090A shielded rack-mount 1/0 connector panel
(1) BNC input in support of 250 MHz/s digitizer/oscilloscope
(48) BNC inputs supporting Industrial 24V Input, optically isolated
(32) BNC inputs in support of 18 bit SOOkS/s Analog inputs
(16) BNC inputs in support of 250kS/s 16 bit Analog input
(6) Three-port channels in support of two three phase measurements,
each consisting of self-fused (SA) system with Vin, Vout and Vref

Module (Analog Input(1) Description (included) Module (Analog Input(2)) Description (included)
[2 X] Channels 16 Channels 16
Single-Ended Channels 16 Single-Ended Channels 16
Differential Channels 8 Differential-Ended Channels 8
Resolution 18 bits Resolution 16 bits
Sample Rate 625 kS/s Sample Rate 250 kS/s
Max Voltage lO V Voltage Range ±lOV
Maximum Voltage Range ±10V Sensitivity 97.6 uV
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 980 uV Accuracy 112 uV
Minimum Voltage Range ± 100 mV Ranges 4
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 28 uV    

Module (Digitizer/Oscilloscope) Description (included) Module (Industrial Digital Input) Description (included)
Channels 2 Channels 48
Resolution 8 bits Timing Software
Simultaneous samples Yes Logic Levels 24V
Sample Rate 250 MS/s Input Current Flow Sink/Source
Bandwidth 125 MHz Max input range ±60V
Input Impedance 50 /lMOhm Programmable Filters Yes
Max Common Mode Voltage 35 V Watchdog Timer No
Max Voltage ±20V Handshaking No
Frequency Range 0-125 MHz Pattern 1/0 No
Minimum Voltage Range 20 mV    

Module (Current Input) Description (included) Module (Voltage Input) Description (included)
Channels 4 [2X] Channels 3
Single-Ended Channels 0 Single-Ended Channels 0
Differential Channels 4 Differential Channels 3
Resolution 24 bits Resolution 24 bits
Sample Rate 50 kS/s Sample Rate 50 kS/s
Max Voltage 24.6 kHz Bandwidth 24.56 kHz
Maximum Current Range ± 5A Max Voltage 300V
Maximum Current Range Accuracy 0.11 mA aximum Voltage Range ± 300V
Simultaneous Sampling Yes Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 300 µV
Input Impedance 12 mOhm Simultaneous Sampling Yes
Input Impedance 1 MOhm

CATS-2000 Software (SW) Description

The CATS-2000 family of equipment is typically associated with the higher powered NI-PXI chassis with built-in processor controller, specialized operating systems build specifically for NI embedded control, and the capability for fast and plentiful data I/O. This CATS-2000 specification is targeted toward a unit developed specifically for power distribution system analysis and certification. The unit is built within an EMI shielded 19” rack enclosure with a shielded input system as it was designed to be placed in a highly “noisy” electronic environment, and system operation was intended to be controlled and viewed remotely via a 500’ fiber optic link. The unit hardware was built for 3 phase voltage and current measurement over a variety of test scenarios controlled by the CATS-2000.

Standard Main GUI This is the basic 5 layer CATS graphical user interface (GUI) accompanying the Fastek CATS operating system. The CATS user’s Guide leads operators to the specifics of setting up an executing test, measurement or control operations specific to their desires with minimal effort.

3 Phase Current Configure/Control Fastek’s 3 Phase Current module provides an interface to a wide variety of general purpose analog input platform. The modules support platforms with a current range of +/- 5A, sampling rates up to 50Ks per seconds, and 24 bits of sample resolution. Fastek’s highly scalable application architecture supports multiple current input modules each controlling 4 channels, or greater.

3 Phase Voltage Configure/Control Fastek’s 3 Phase Voltage module accommodates interfaces to many different general purpose analog input platforms. The module here supports platforms with a voltage range of +/- 300V, sampling rates up to 50Ks per second, and 24 bits per sample of resolution. Fastek’s CATS O/S supports multiple analog input modules each controlling 3 channel, or greater, single ended and differential DAQ hardware.

Analog Input Configure/Control Fastek’s generic Analog input Module may also be used over a wide variety of NI analog input cards. In this application the unit is configured to both; a 625k Samples per second analog input/counter and a 250kS/s analog input device. This configuration supports inputs in the range of +/- 10V with 18/16 bits of resolution. All Fastek modules may be configured to share configurations.

Data Logger Module This CATS-2000 data logging capacity can be set for short (per run) or specified (targeted) data recording, or continuous data logging. In the continuous mode it may be run for long term, bounded only by the available data storage space and logging speed ability. Storage may be on the local controller or directly to the operator specified database with the operator specific schema. Data recording includes pre/post and partial triggering capability as well as operator specified scaling.

Digital input & Oscilloscope Configure/Control Fastek’s CATS-2000 digital input implemented in this system is also only a specific instance of many digital I/O supported by the flexible CATS operating system. IN this configuration the software is configured to support up to 48 channels of input for 24 VDC logic levels. As with any of the data, this is available for logging, triggering, or changing the course of the unit operation as specified by the operator. Sometimes witnessing the repetition, event occurrence, or other pertubations in signals is necessary in test, measurement and control. The Fastek CATS is compatible with all NI (and third party) equipment. This CATS-2000 supports a 250S/s 8-bit digitizer/o-scope for real-time recording of signals during test, measurement or control. With the versatility of the NI equipment and the Fastek CATS LabVIEW based software, this signal can not only be recorded but used as trigger events for other unit operations.

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