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Specifications NEW!

CATS-1000 & 2000 Brochure
"CATS" = Test, Measure, & Control Solutions

Fastek Soft-Controller for DO-178B Software Verification and Validation

LTS-1000 Lighting Tester and High Speed Data Logging System

Programmable RF Attenuator


"Configurable Automated Test System"

Standard Delivery= 50 Days ARO

Price........... $22,900

  • Users Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty on Hardware
  • 90 Day Warranty on Software
  • On Site Installation & Training

CATS-1000 HW Description:

(12) 4-pin Transducer 1/0 signals, circular connector
(1) 14-pin Digital 1/0 signals, ± 24VDC, circular connector
(1) 37-pin Analog 1/0 signals,± lOV, circular connector
(1) SO-pin bi-metallic Thermocouple sub-D connector
(1) RJ 45 Input for programming
(1) 32ch Analog Input Module and (1) 32ch Digital Input Module
(1) 32ch Digital Output Module
(2) Thermocouple Input Modules

Module (Digital Input) Description (included) Module (Digital Output) Description (included)
Channels 32 Number of Channels 32
Single-Ended Channels 32 Timing Hardware
Differential Channels 16 Max Clock Rate 2kHz
Resolution 16 bits Logic Levels Other
Sample Rate 250 kS/s Output Current Flow Sourcing
Max Voltage lOV Current Drive Single 0.25A
Maximum Voltage Range -lOV -lOV Supports Handshaking 1/0 No
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 6220µV Supports Pattern 1/0 Yes
Minimum Voltage Range -0.2 V-0.2 V Maximum Output Range 6V -36V
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 157µV    

Module (Analog Input) Description (included) Module (Thermocouple) Description (included)
Channels 32 [2 X] Channels 16
Single-Ended Channels 32 Single-Ended Channels 0
Differential Channels 16 Differential Channels 16
Resolution 16 bits Resolution 24 bits
Sample Rate 250 kS/s Sample Rate 1200 kS/s
Max Voltage lOV Bandwidth 78 Hz
Maximum Voltage Range -lOV- lOV Max Voltage 8.125 mV
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 6220µV Maximum Voltage Range 78.125 mV - 78.125 mV
Minimum Voltage Range -0 .2 V- 0.2 V Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 8µV
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 157µV Simultaneous Sampling No

CATS-1000 SW Description

The CATS software is developed on a background of National Instruments LabVIEW and provides flexibility in program operation. In this application the CATS software operates on a scripted text files from soup to nuts, so operators need not know the complexities of the system or LabVIEW and can focus on their tasks.

CATS software configurations all maintain a common architecture and theme, so as your program grows the environment need not be redefined and relearned.

Analog Input Module

Fastek’s Analog Input Module provides an interface to a wide variety of general purpose analog input platforms. The module typically supports platforms with a voltage range of =/- 10V, sampling rates up to 250Ks per second, and 16 bits per sample of resolution. Fastek’s highly scalable application architecture supports multiple analog input modules each controlling 16 channel, or great, single ended and differential DAQ hardware.

Analog Output Module

The Analog Output Module interfaces with a wide range of general purpose analog output DACs. Typical output modules have a range of =/- 10V, sampling rate of up to 1Ms per second, resolution of 12 to 16 bits, and contain 4 to 96 channels. Multiple Analog Output Modules are generally present in any given CATS application where each controls their own DAC

Thermocouple Module

A wide range of multichannel DAQ cards specifically designed thermocouple signal acquisition are supported by Fastek’s Thermocouple Interface Module. This module supports a set of DAQ cards covering all industry standard Thermocouple types. Also supported are cards with the most demanding form factors and cards with the greatest sets of capabilities.

Digital Input Module

Fastek’s Digital Input Module Interface focuses on a subset of digital DAQs with the following specifications; (8 to 96 channels TTL, LVTTL, or CMOS inputs) (Up to 20MHz (80MHz (80MB per second) transfer rate) (Supports 8, 16, or 32 bit transfers) (Independent trigger signals to start data acquisition and pattern generation).

Digital Output Module

The CATS Digital Output Module provides precise control of discreet logic signals for the most demanding process control, peripheral, and IC ship communications application. The software module is designed to interface with digital output cads supporting programmed I/O, interrupt, and bus-mastering DMA type data transfers.

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