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Specifications NEW!

CATS-1000 & 2000 Brochure
“CATS” = Test, Measure, & Control Solutions

Fastek Soft-Controller for DO-178B Software Verification and Validation

LTS-1000 Lighting Tester and High Speed Data Logging System

Programmable RF Attenuator

LabVIEW Certified Developer

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Fastek International Ltd. is a rapid response Engineering Development and Solutions company here in the Midwest. Providing software engineering services throughout all life cycle phases, Fastek specializes in: Fastek Overview

  • Test-Measure-Control: Product offering consisting of Configurable Automated Testing Systems; “CATS” gives our customers turnkey solutions to all of their data acquisition and automated testing needs.  Fastek’s typical “CATS” customers include leading manufacturers from the industrial, agricultural, medical, and avionic industries.
  • Avionics: Software development and independent verification for mission-critical systems and software. Our experience comes from senior avionics and systems engineers and over nine years of safety-critical embedded and applications system software development for avionics, commercial, and industrial applications. Fastek’s avionic customers include the leading manufacturers of avionics and control systems, value our focus on long-term relationships, integrity and customer service.

Our company is a privately held small business concern, founded in 1997 by Avionics professionals. Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA, we have development and sales offices in CR and Milwaukee, WI with 45+ employees, as well as access to overseas resources or full International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 22 U.S.C. 2778 Compliant Services (U.S. Only), if required.



Fastek services include:

  • Avionics & Aerospace (Software, Hardware & Certification)
  • FAA support services including DO-178B, DO-254 & DO-160
  • “CATS”  Test – Measure – Control  (TMC)
  • Software and Hardware Development
  • Integrated Test Systems
  • Future System / Product Concepts